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Ostendo allows you to manage the activity of your business and still keep your existing accounting software. Ostendo integrates crucial activities, such as business operations that fall outside the range of financial systems, into your business. This ensures that you have real time information for decision making.


  • Control Inventory

  • Job Costing

  • Manufacturing

  • Scheduling

  • Service

  • Mobility

  • Distribution

  • Dynamic Reporting

Why Ostendo?

Ostendo is a “business operating system”

Ostendo introduces the concept of the “business operating system” when combined with MYOB or XERO provides literally everything you need to run a small or midsize business, including accounting, operational and office functions and supporting technology.

Ostendo is highly configurable

Ostendo is highly configurable and combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of an SQL relational database. You can remove menu items, re-arrange and re-size or delete list columns, add fields to the database and edit report formats.

Ostendo is powered by an SQL relational database

Ostendo is built around Firebird, the open source version of Borland’s InterBase. You get a true, scalable, SQL relational database — built right into the product. With Firebird, Ostendo can support up to 100 or more users.

Ostendo is designed for today’s fast-paced environment

The businesses of today operate in a fast-paced, service-oriented, just-in-time environment that calls for operational software that reflects that reality. Ostendo frees you from excessive steps and procedures that just slow you down.

Ostendo is operationally-focused

Unlike the general nature of many accounting systems, Ostendo is operationally focused on: Distribution, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Service & Maintenance, and Point of Sale.

Ostendo is packed with technology that makes you more productive.

We’ve integrated technology into Ostendo not normally found in accounting packages, including a spreadsheet (with SQL queries), knowledge base, a report writer, and more.

Ostendo linked to XERO accounting provides

And ERP system for a fraction of the price of a standart ERP system:

  • Full stock system or labour project management

  • Ostendo ‘syncs’ to XERO every hour

  • Report writer in both applications

  • XERO comes standard with fixed asset manager

  • Integrated payroll

Existing Ostendo Features
Ostendo Inventory and Purchasing

  • Multiple Warehouses and Locations

  • 3 Purchase Methods: Order to Receipt to Invoice, or

            Order to Invoice, or Invoice only

  • Multiple Units of Measure

  • Serial Number, Batch and Warranty Tracking

  • Grade, Colour, Size, Expiry Date and Barcodes

  • Stock Takes and Location Transfers

  • Allows for Negative Stock

  • Complementary Add-On Sales

  • Pricing Levels, Quantity Breaks and Discounts

  • Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment

  • Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies,

  • Sales Orders or Stock

  • Use unlimited Supplier Catalogues


Ostendo Sales and Services

  • Consolidate Invoices for Jobs, Sales

  • 3 Sales Methods: Order to Delivery to Invoice, or

             Order to Invoice, or Invoice only

  • Deliveries and Recurring Invoices

  • Sales Kitsets, Configured Items

  • Alternate Items and Add-on Sales

  • Extensive Pricing Matrix

  • Original and Extended Warranty Tracking

  • Creates Customer Service Asset after Selling

  • Product or Service

  • Service Reminder Letters or Emails

  • Automatically Schedules Preventative                                                                    Maintenance

  • and Creates Service Jobs

  • Complete Sales and Service History


Ostendo Point of Sale (POS)

  • Multi Terminal

  • Multi Branch

  • Location Transfer

  • Counter Sales

  • Workshop Orders

  • Lay-bys

  • POS Quotations

  • Back Office

  • Cash Drops, Office Drops and Expenses

  • POS End of Day Cash Up

  • SKU Barcodes

  • Scanning Mode enabled


Ostendo Job Costing and Projects

  • Simple to Complex Job Estimating

  • Use Standard, Average, Actual, Last, Buy Price

             or Calculated Costing Methods

  • Real Time Work In Progress at all Levels

  • After Job Costing and Actual Job Profit Reporting

  • Use Planned Costs based on Progress Claim

  • Percentage to Project Job Profitability

  • Budgeted, Actual and Projected Costs

  • Progress Claims and Retentions Tracking

  • Consolidated Invoicing by Project


Ostendo Engineering and Production

  • Choose the level of Simplicity or Complexity

  • Make to Order and Make to Stock

  • Assembly Orders with or without Details

  • Bills of Material unlimited Levels Deep

  • Includes Setup, Scrap Percentage, Resources

  • Where Used Enquiry for Bills of Material

  • Mass Replacement/Substitution Utility

  • Phantom Assemblies

  • Cost Roll Ups

  • Routings


Ostendo Labour and Job Tracking

  • Timesheets, Job Sheets and Job Lists

  • Planned, Actual and Projected Labour Time

                 remaining by Task, Job or Project

  • Varying Employee Direct Costs can be linked to One

             Labour Code

  • Varying Customer Labour Charge Out Rates

  • Graphical Resource Job Scheduling Calendar

  • Business Work Time Profile


Ostendo CRM and Quoting

  • Tracks Quotes, Jobs, Orders, Invoices Payments                                                                                    and Deposits Activity Log for Emails, Calls,                                                                                                     Meetings

  • Integrated Call Centre Management for Date and

             Time Stamped Calls

  • Complete Call and Quote History

  • Expiry Date for Quotes

  • Convert Quotes to Sales Orders or Change to Lost

             Status with a Reason

  • Business Knowledge Base with FAQs


Ostendo Technical and Utilities

  • Modifiable Windows Graphical User Interface

  • Document and Image Management

  • Spreadsheet with SQL Query Tool

  • Analysis, Reports and Scripting

  • User Alerts and Reminders

  • Data Import and Export

  • Relational Database

  • Multi User and Multi Company

  • MYOB Integration

Ostendo Items Screen

Ostendo Sales Order Screen

Ostendo POS Screen

Ostendo Job Order Screen

Ostendo BOM Expanded Screen

Ostendo Call Centre Screen

Ostendo Technical and Utilities

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