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Ostendo allows you to manage the activity of your business while retaining your existing accounting software. Ostendo integrates business operations into your business to ensure you have real time information to help make informed decisions to grow your business.

Ostendo has many features that can assist you to maximise your business potential. All features are fully customisable and can be integrated with 3rd Party Integrations to suit your business needs. 


  • Scheduling

  • Service

  • Dynamic Reporting

Why Ostendo?

Ostendo is a “business operating system”

Ostendo introduces the concept of the “business operating system” when combined with MYOB or XERO provides literally everything you need to run a small or midsize business, including accounting, operational and office functions and supporting technology.

Ostendo is highly configurable

Ostendo is highly configurable and combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of an SQL relational database. You can remove menu items, re-arrange and re-size or delete list columns, add fields to the database and edit report formats.

Ostendo is powered by an SQL relational database

Ostendo is built around Firebird, the open source version of Borland’s InterBase. You get a true, scalable, SQL relational database — built right into the product. With Firebird, Ostendo can support up to 100 or more users.

Ostendo is designed for today’s fast-paced environment

The businesses of today operate in a fast-paced, service-oriented, just-in-time environment that calls for operational software that reflects that reality. Ostendo frees you from excessive steps and procedures that just slow you down.

Ostendo is operationally-focused

Unlike the general nature of many accounting systems, Ostendo is operationally focused on: Distribution, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Service & Maintenance, and Point of Sale.

Ostendo is packed with technology that makes you more productive.

We’ve integrated technology into Ostendo not normally found in accounting packages, including a spreadsheet (with SQL queries), knowledge base, a report writer, and more.


Ostendo linked to Xero accounting provides an ERP system for a fraction of the price of a standard ERP system.

  • Full stock system or labour project management

  • Ostendo ‘syncs’ to Xero every hour

  • Report writer in both applications

  • Xero comes standard with fixed asset manager

  • Integrated payroll

Want to know more about Ostendo's features? Have a look at the brochures available below or contact us to talk to one of our friendly experts. 

Inventory and Purchasing

  • Multiple Warehouses and Locations

  • Stock traceability including batch number, expiry date, revision number, colour or size

  • Distribution Requirements Planning allowing multi-site processing of orders and stock

  • Optional Site Costing for inventory allowing Freight Charges to be spread across internal transfers of stock between sites or branches

  • Full Materials Requirements Planning capability to determine product requirements to satisfy current and future demand along with Re-Order Levels and Quantities based on History or Fixed Quality 

  • Auto creation of warranty and/or asset service records upon the issue of an item 

  • Ability to store and generate barcodes including multiple barcodes for items available when any of those barcodes are scanned via POS

  • Mobility functions allowing for: 

    • Picking of stock​

    • Real time inquiries

    • Creating purchase orders 

    • Receipting goods into stores 

    • Stock counts 

    • product re-stock with auto purchase order generation

  • Three Purchase Methods: Order to Receipt to Invoice, or Order to Invoice, or Invoice only

  • Multiple Units of Measure

  • Serial Number, Batch and Warranty Tracking

  • Grade, Colour, Size, Expiry Date and Barcodes

  • Stock Takes and Location Transfers

  • Allows for Negative Stock

  • Complementary Add-On Sales

  • Pricing Levels, Quantity Breaks and Discounts

  • Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment

  • Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies,

  • Sales Orders or Stock

  • Use unlimited Supplier Catalogues and supplier purchase contacts allow supplier item pricing to be controlled based on contract parameters i.e. volume and value etc. for either open term or effectivity dates.

Ostendo Sales and Services

  • Consolidate Invoices for Jobs, Sales

  • 3 Sales Methods: Order to Delivery to Invoice, or Order to Invoice, or Invoice only

  • Deliveries and Recurring Invoices

  • Sales Kitsets, Configured Items

  • Alternate Items and Add-on Sales

  • Extensive Pricing Matrix

  • Original and Extended Warranty Tracking

  • Creates Customer Service Asset after Selling

  • Product or Service

  • Service Reminder Letters or Emails

  • Automatically Schedules Preventative Maintenance and Creates Service Jobs

  • Complete Sales and Service History


  • Sales order process offering full 'Pick/Pack and Despatch' or simple over the counter type transaction

  • Distribution Requirements Planning allowing for multi-site processing of orders and stock

  • Sales quoting offering multiple layout presentation options including photos 

  • Unlimited number of sales quotes revisions can be created and maintained until converted

  • Multiple input methods to populate order lines e.g. drag and drop, batch select, predefined or dynamically populated lists based on historical sales or single line entry

  • Quote and order lines include inventory items, kitsets, supplier catalogue items, non-inventory charges or custom configured products 

  • Conversion of quotes to order or lost with an applicable reason. Ability to determine win loss ratios.

  • Expiry date on quotes offering an option to follow up before the quote expires 

  • Manage the sales quote/order process with user defined tracking codes and colours 

  • Extensive pricing policies, unlimited price levels, discounts and special pricing or discounting with effectivity dates

  • Multi-currency capability

  • Order Pricing Matrix allowing for rules to automatically insert lines onto an order under specific circumstances 

  • Add-on sales capability allowing the user to easily determine if additional related products or services are associated with the item being ordered 

  • Auto creation of warranty and/or asset service records upon issue of an item

  • Full stock traceability including serial number, batch number, expiry date, revision number, colour, grade or size

  • Auto picking capability for all products including picking the oldest expiry first if required 

  • Multi stock warehouse and location capability (aisle/rack row) 

  • Optional site costing for inventory allowing for freight charges to spread across internal transfers of stock between sites or branches 

  • Full Materials Requirements Planning capability to determine product requirements to satisfy current and future demand along with re-order levels and quality based on history or fixed quantity 

  • Simple rentals and hire capability 

  • Extensive sales and margin reporting using an existing suite of reports, inquires, views and pivot views or develop your own using the report writer capability

  • Optional mobility functions allowing for:

    • Sales quote and order capture ​

    • Quick invoice generation

    • Picking of stock

    • Capturing proof of delivery 

    • B2B capability allowing a customer portal to auto create orders and instantly view their data 

    • Real time inquiries for your staff and customers

    • Creation of new/prospective customer records and updating existing information

    • Create purchase orders

    • Receipting goods into store 

    • Stock counts 

    • Scanning capability

  • Configurable mobility functions for compliance or any data capture relating to a customer 

  • ales quote/order or delivery allowing for 

    • Checklists ​

    • Photos

    • Audio Notes

    • Signatures

    • GPS tracking 

    • Typed notes 

    • Quote/order status update

  • Unlimited date/time stamped and categorised history notes logged against the sales order​


Ostendo Point of Sale (POS)

  • Multi-POS Station design with ability to process End of Day routines for either individual or multiple stations

  • Multi-site processing of POS transactions, suitable for organisation branch structure 

  • Touchscreen capability allows the user a graphical item selection screen for easy product identification

  • Ability to create POS quotes, orders (optional back ordering) or invoices

  • Full barcode scanning capability for fast accurate product input. Scanning of Serial Number instantly identifies product code. 

  • Used in multiple environment 

    • Retail: direct over counter type of transaction where goods are presented and paid at the counter ​

    • Pickup: allows an order to be paid immediately so selected lines can be pocked up later when the sales receipt is presented at a pickup location 

    • Delivery: allows for an order to be paid immediately so selected lines can be delivered later to the customers premises 

    • Workshop: allows for simple Works Order for invoicing and payments later 

  • Layby capability allowing receiving of payment and final issue of Layby items 

  • Different invoice/payment receipt layouts per station if required 

  • Segmented scanning capability allowing multiple data to be read from secondary equipment i.e. product identification and weight read form a weighing machine into Ostendo POS the transaction 

  • Use Defined Payment Methods linked to specific Bank Accounts 

  • Location Transfer

  • Counter Sales

  • Workshop Orders

  • Lay-bys

  • POS Quotations

  • Back Office

  • Cash Drops, Office Drops and Expenses

  • POS End of Day Cash Up

  • SKU Barcodes

  • Scanning Mode enabled

  • Ability to create orders/invoices for cash as well as On Account customers

  • Payments from on account customers can be recorded through POS 

  • Extensive Pricing policies, unlimited price levels, discounts and special pricing / discounting with effectivity dates

  • Display linked images as the item is entered to ensure correct product identification 

  • suspend transactions by putting them on hold and recalling them to be completed later

  • Mobility functions allow for: 

    • POS transaction ordering ready for counter processing at a later point​

    • Stock Counts


Manufacturing Features and Functionality

  • Ostendo manufacturing offers businesses the opportunity of using simple or advanced manufacturing to either 'make-to-stock' standard products or 'make-to-order' custom manufactured products 

  • Manufactured items maybe optionally pre-defined in a standard bill of materials or custom configured on fly for on off custom manufacture 

  • Multiple forms of configuration available to custom products including feature and options, manually configured by the user or use of pre-developed scripts to semi-automate the configuration, allowing the user a step by step 

  • Custom configured items may optionally have a BOM auto created for them thereby making one off BOM available 

  • Bill of Materials can contain unlimited levels of sub-assemblies 

  • Mass replacement allows for quick and easy mass swap out of components from BOMs

  • Manufacturing order lines can include inventory items, labour codes, non-inventory charges or custom configured products 

  • Hazards can be defined with BOM at a routing step level to alert staff prior to initiate manufacturing step

  • Simple or advanced scheduling. A graphical assignment board enabling drag and drop of manufacturing orders, allowing up to the minute actual time spent on each assignment. For more complete and detailed scheduling, full constraint based scheduling is available using lead times and resource capacity and loadings 

  • Full materials requirements planning capability to determine component requirements at all levels of a BOM to satisfy current and future demand. It allows for purchase and manufacturing orders if replenishment is required 

  • Standard costing/average costing or actual costing can be utilised 

  • Cost rollups are used to rollup component costs into the finished goods cost 

  • User defined tracking codes either at an order level or at a routing step level

  • Mobility functions allows for 

    • Issuing of materials ​

    • Timesheet entry for individuals or teams 

    • Receipting of finished product

    • Scanning capability

    • Real time inquiries 

  • Configurable mobility functions for compliance or data capture relating to product or manufacture orders allowing for any of the following 

    • Checklists ​

    • Photos

    • Audio notes 

    • Signatures

    • Typed notes 

    • order status update

  • Shop floor data collection for time capture initiated by mobility/barcode or keyboard or touch screen

  • Timesheet interpretation allows you to run a routine over a timesheet batch which will re-interpret time that has entered by the user and apply break time and overtime rules thereby enhancing the ability to cost orders accurately without the employee having to decide standard time vs overtime 

  • Real time work-in-progress (WIP)

  • Full traceability to handle multiple forms i.e. serial number, batch, expiry, grade, revision, size, colour both for inputs and outputs 

  • Ability to link QA or other tests results to manufacturing order or batch number via mobility 



  • Style template can include multiple entries of different types as follows:

    • Materials​

    • Times

    • Photos

    • Sketches

    • Signatures

    • Typed notes 

    • Audio notes

    • Check lists 

    • Hazards 

    • Maps

    • Readings for customer assets 

    • GPS on site/off site tracking 

  • Datasheet is used when an individual completes information based on a define style template. You can create multiple datasheets for certain transactions.

  • Examples of datasheets 

    • Datasheet is completed each time an employee or sub-contractor works on a job. They have recorded the information for the day, they would complete the datasheet which in turn returns the information back to Ostendo to update the job 

    • To record QA results against a manufacturing order  ​

    • To record a survey

    • To create a sales quote/order/instant invoice/job quote/order/purchase order

    • Proof of delivery

    • Inwards good receipt processing 

    • Issuing/picking of goods for a sales order/job or manufacturing order 

    • Diagnostic fault process 

    • Recording information for later use in a job e.g. measurements or readings 

  • Style template matrix you can define rules around the use of specific templates including customer assets and jobs 

  • Materials issued from defined warehouse/stock locations for each mobility user

  • Materials can be selected from a list using a search function or presented with a hierarchical structure based on either a product category or your own specific custom structure 

  • Picking classes to allow you to restrict your employees to pick only items belonging to certain classes. These allow you to group together items with similar characteristics e.g. dangerous goods or heavy goods 

  • Control whether timesheet entries are simply added to a timesheet batch or directly posted to a Job.

  • Different types of time can be logged against different labour codes. This is useful to record travel time as opposed to normal on the job labour time. 

  • Time can start accruing as soon as you create a new datasheet. This can be useful for recording travel time by creating the datasheet when about to travel to the next job. 

  • Teams can be used in order to record multiple employees time on one device i.e. the team leader receives the job on their device and enters time for each team member, which means one device is required 

  • Standard Internal Warehousing functions are included in freeways: 

    • Stock counts

    • Purchase receipting into store 

    • Issuing/picking of materials to manufacturing and job orders 

    • Receipting of finished goods from manufacturing orders

    • Picking of goods for sales orders 

    • Updating of internal tracking codes for manufacturing/jobs/sales orders/deliveries 

  • Corrective actions allow you to create call tickets or job relating to corrective action. 

  • Branding is available to control the look of the front screen presented to the Freeway user. You can insert logos and remove buttons not required by the user. 

  • There is also the ability to control specific buttons and captions in Freeways to personalise the solution i.e. for a B2B solution you may want to change a datasheet completion caption 

  • Mobility allows an employee to forward a partially completed datasheet to another i.e. supervisor for approval 

  • Real time inquiries can be developed from within Ostendo enabling users in the field to run these inquiries on demand 

    • Customer balance and arrears aging totals ​

    • Stock on hand balances and details 

    • Sales data

    • Detail of outstanding invoices/order/quotes 

    • Statistical information 

    • Management KPI information

    • Charts 

  • Custom guides can be developed in Ostendo and deployed to Freeway users 

  • Notify option in Freeway allows you to send a text or email to one or more nominated users including pre-defined messages or GPS coordinates to log user's physical location for back office staff.

  • Scan On feature allows the user to scan a barcode to initiate the creation of a datasheet.

  • B2B offers customers the ability to connect directly to the database via their own customer portal with minimal set-up to allow your customers to run specific inquires or maybe to log jobs or enter sales orders

  • Sub-contractors functionality allows you to deploy work directly to them so they can enter their time, materials and charges through a datasheet. 

  • Graphical assignment board allows job, sales deliveries, manufacturing orders, customer call tickets and activities to be assigned and deployed to Freeway users. The Assignment Board can be defined using multiple profiles that enables the conditioning of information to be displayed to relevant back office users 

  • The assignment board also allows you to book work against company assets i.e. cutting machine

  • Instant colour changes to assignments can highlight whether a Freeway user has created a datasheet for that assignment. It can be updated automatically on creation or completion of datasheet. 

  • Capability rules can be defined to ensure the correctly qualified staff or assets have been assigned to job task/customer or manufacturing step i.e. tradesmen must be booked on each job

  • Blocked time allows you to make assets or employees unavailable for bookings. This is useful if the machine is unavailable due to the breakdown or an employee is on leave. On screen warnings show the back-office staff specific warnings when booking an assignment 

    • Check for out of sequence where the one task or routing steps has been assigned out of sequence with other tasks or steps ​

    • Check for double booking where one assignment overlaps another for a resource 

    • Check for overdue where assignment is scheduled in advance of the required date/time for the other 

    • Check for shortages where there are materials on the order with insufficient quantities in stock

  • Assignment board can be configured to be shown on a monitor, maybe on the wall allowing auto refresh of information 

  • Assignment board can be configured to auto move assignment entries to actual date/time upon creation of datasheet. This enables coordinators to reschedule subsequent work bookings if one job starts earlier or later than originally booked 

  • Mobility communicates to Ostendo via its own API service. It allows third party developed apps to read and write to the database

  • API security access can be date controlled with an expiry date or removed at any point in time 

Job Costing

Ostendo Job Costing and Projects

  • Simple to Complex Job Estimating

  • Use Standard, Average, Actual, Last, Buy Price or Calculated Costing Methods

  • Real Time Work In Progress at all Levels

  • After Job Costing and Actual Job Profit Reporting

  • Use Planned Costs based on Progress Claim

  • Percentage to Project Job Profitability

  • Budgeted, Actual and Projected Costs

  • Progress Claims and Retentions Tracking

  • Consolidated Invoicing by Project

  • Full job totals are maintained on the job enabling reporting on demand. Real time work-in-progress at all levels of the job

  • Multi-currency: all jobs are stored in local currency 

  • Mobility functions allow for: 

    • Issuing of materials to a job​

    • Timesheet entry for individuals or teams or sub contractors 

    • B2B capability allowing a customer portal to log jobs 

    • Real time inquiries for your own staff as well as your customers/subcontractors 

    • Creation of Job Quotes/Orders 

    • Scanning Capability 

  • Order Pricing Matrix allowing for rules to automatically insert lines onto an order under specific circumstances ​

  • Manage job quote/order process with user defined tracking codes and colours 

  • Ostendo offers businesses opportunity to use simple or advance job costing

Ostendo Engineering and Production

  • Choose the level of Simplicity or Complexity

  • Make to Order and Make to Stock

  • Assembly Orders with or without Details

  • Bills of Material unlimited Levels Deep

  • Includes Setup, Scrap Percentage, Resources

  • Where Used Enquiry for Bills of Material

  • Mass Replacement/Substitution Utility

  • Phantom Assemblies

  • Cost Roll Ups

  • Routings

Engineerin and Production

Ostendo Labour and Job Tracking

  • Time sheets, Job Sheets and Job Lists

  • Planned, Actual and Projected Labour Time Remaining by Task, Job or Project

  • Varying Employee Direct Costs can be linked to One Labour Code

  • Varying Customer Labour Charge Out Rates

  • Graphical Resource Job Scheduling Calendar

  • Business Work Time Profile

Labour/Job Tracking

Ostendo CRM and Quoting

  • Tracks Quotes, Jobs, Orders, Invoices Payments and Deposits Activity Log for Emails, Calls, Meetings

  • Integrated Call Centre Management for Date and Time Stamped Calls

  • Complete Call and Quote History

  • Expiry Date for Quotes

  • Convert Quotes to Sales Orders or Change to Lost Status with a Reason

  • Business Knowledge Base with FAQs

CRM and Quoting
Technical and Utilities

Ostendo Technical and Utilities

  • Modifiable Windows Graphical User Interface

  • Document and Image Management

  • Spreadsheet with SQL Query Tool

  • Analysis, Reports and Scripting

  • User Alerts and Reminders

  • Data Import and Export

  • Relational Database

  • Multi User and Multi Company

  • MYOB Integration

  • Customisable graphical process workflows that can include SQL queries to be set to auto run to provide users with real-time statistical information

  • Email services allow sending and receiving of auto generated emails to and from Ostendo

  • Queue services allowing the scheduling of regular tasks e.g. generation an demailing of specific reports, running of specific tasks in Ostendo

  • Advanced Scripting Engine allows development of scripts to customise Ostendo. It allows customisation of Ostendo to suit your own business rules.

  • Audit Logging allows tracking of changes to specified fields in databases 

  • Knowledge Base allows knowledge information to be stored in the database i.e. standard operation procedures 

  • Ability to create and manage company assets for the purposes of service maintenance 

  • System screen conditions allowing SQL conditions to control data the user is presented with on specific screens 

  • Filter conditions special toolbar buttons to be created on specific screens to control instant filtering for all or specific users 

  • Document and Image Management throughout Ostendo allowing images and documents to be linked to items, jobs, manufacturing orders, purchase orders, suppliers and customers 

  • Mobile capability using Freeway app. Fully configurable business processes including stock count, purchase and sales, job order creation, customer master creation or real time inquiries

  • Data spreadsheet with SQL query tool 

  • Customised data entry screens with remote synchronisation 

  • Ostendo dashboard utility (back-up, restore and validation) 

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