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Application Development

Create custom operational software to fit in with accounting software. We work closely with customer or stakeholder and adapt software quickly.

  • Provide integration between systems to minimise double-handling of information

  • Software that provides higher visibility/tracking of processes within an organisation

  • Allow organisations to capture information unique to their business and integrate with larger operational and accounting systems

Work with several programming languages and database systems. We can investigate any system set-up and provide a solution.

We offer software in these platforms

  • Web

  • Desktop

  • Mobile

We program in these languages

  • C++, C#


  • Delphi

  • SQL

We use databases Microsoft SQL Server and Firebird

  • Client in automotive parts business who needed to keep track of vehicles and wanted this integrated with their stock

  • Client in manufacturing environment who wanted to keep track of where sales orders were in the production process in the factory, again integrated with accounting system

  • Client wanted to automatically import EDI orders into their operational software

  • Client who needed a customer interface integrated with their accounting software to automatically create Invoices and payments etc.

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