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MoneyWorks Support

ABC Business Solutions offers three main support plans for MoneyWorks, and its integrated systems, designed specifically to suit your needs.

We utilise programmers and accountants who can get to the cause of an issue or enhance your system in the most efficient manner to leverage the power and productivity of your processes and information.

Standard Plan (Ad Hoc)

Annual Support Plan

Project Enhancement Plan

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Standard Plan (includes pre-paid Ad Hoc Support Plan)


  • This plan is the best value for occasional users of support services

  • Support is on an "as needed basis" (per incident)

  • Designed to provide software assistance and set-up when your business requires it

  • This plan is flexible and is provided at a standard hourly rate

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Annual Support Plan (Monthly Instalments)

  • This plan is recommended for regular users of support services

  • Guaranteed response time, monthly support fee for priority services

  • Review of software updates and implementations where necessary

  • Initial Business Process Review and plan to maximise your level of support

  • Business Process Improvement consultation every 12 months, this allows your business to continuously maximise the your software

  • Priority booking for project and enhancement services, and can include options for enhancement services to utilise monthly allocations

  • Priority bookings for training courses, at discounted rates (if possible)

  • Hourly rates and regularity of review depend on level of service and expected needs (support, calls, online/remote access, emails also charged at reduced hourly rates)

  • Minimum plans commences with 2 hours per month, and provide a discount on standard hourly rates

  • Discount rates, on standard hourly rate, increase with minimum hour commitment

  • Some unused support per month can be rolled into the following months under certain conditions

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Project Enhancement Plan

  • Project orientated support

  • Client-specific development work

  • Dependent on nature of work, fixed or hourly rate can be quoted

  • All project work will be quoted for client approval before any work commences.

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