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Ostendo Freeway


Ostendo Freeway is an intuitive mobility solution for data capture in the field. It is a standalone software that can operate without the need for network coverage. Ostendo Freeway's applications are limitless. It is able to integrate with other solutions, such as Xero, MYOB Advanced and Ostendo. 


  • Global Freeway is an intuitive mobility solution for data capture in the field

  • Native Android and iOS application 

  • Standalone without the need for network coverage

  • Customisable list driven user interface rather than hardcoded or forms based

  • Screens designed to scale from smart phones to tablets

  • Customisable Industry templates

  • Signature capture with compulsory option

  • Multiple mandatory or optional checklists with ‘if then’ logic

  • Integrated phone, SMS, emailing, camera, GPS, Voice recording and Speech to text from within Freeway (dependant on device) 


  • Electricians & Plumbing Trades

  • Asset & Equipment Servicing

  • Rural Contractors 

  • Property Management

  • Aviation Services

  • Health & Safety Compliance

  • Quality Assurance & Control

  • Agricultural Services

  • Automotive & Machinery Dealers

  • Wholesale Distributors

  • Manufacturing & Engineering

  • Professional Services

  • Auditing & Inspection Services

  • Utilities, Oil & Gas

  • Construction & Building Services

  • Transportation & Fleet Management

  • Insurance Agents & Assessors 

  • Earthmoving & Landscaping

  • Merchandising & Retailers

  • Waste & Refuge Services

  • Mining

  • Equipment Hire

  • Food & Beverage

  • City Councils

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.57.16 pm.png

Back office synchronisation

  • Uses a 3G, 4G or Wireless network for user initiated data synchronisation

  • Full back office reporting and inquiry tools

  • Optional out of the box integration with Cloud and On Premise Accounting solutions like Xero and MYOB

  • Can be integrated with other vertical applications

Freeway Can Help Your Business

  • Creates Sale Order or Jobs 

  • Create Job Quotes 

  • Capture Sub-contractor Time

  • Create Purchase Orders

  • Issue Stock to Jobs or Manufacturing 

  • Stocktaking 

Branding and OEM

  • Re-branding for Corporations and Franchises

Freeway's Pre-defined Templates for Specific Applications

  • B2B Customer

  • Sub Contractor

  • Warehousing

  • Manufacturing

  • Sales

  • Service

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