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Ostendo Development 

Within Ostendo there are several ways to customise the software to suit an organisation. Ostendo sits on a SQL Relational Database called Firebird.


We can create the following to fit in with specific business requirements:

  • Custom screens – launched from within Ostendo e.g. Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, that allow capturing of specific business information or perform specific calculations e.g. Quoting Calculation screen for a manufacturing client that integrates with AutoCAD 

  • Screen Data Script: Related to Master, Order, Receiving, and Invoicing Screens where the action of Adding or Deleting a record or changing any field within the record will automatically run this Script e.g. a script that prevents certain users from selling a certain item, adding an order etc.

  • System Action script: Scripts can be written that add custom functionality prior to a standard system action being fired e.g. going into Sales Orders, Job Orders, Invoices etc.

  • Workflow Script: These are scripts that can be used to change the appearance and/or Text of a Workflow Object.

  • Triggers & Stored procedures: these can be added to the database to pass or calculate information behind the scenes

  • Advanced Report Writing: reports, inquiries, pivots that require advanced SQL Development

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