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Castaway is a comprehensive, intelligent cash flow forecasting software that can allow you to make smart choices for your business and create value for your clients. Get control of your business with a strategic plan to steer your business growth and determine how alternative actions can benefit your company's future.


  • Performance, Drill Down and Custom Reports

  • Growth Planning

  • 3-Way Financials

  • Flexible Chart of Accounts

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Customer Formulas and KPIs

  • Integration Add-ons

  • Flexible Dashboards

  • Actuals and Variance Analysis

  • Insight and Foresight

  • Due Diligence

  • Budgets and Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Variance Reporting

  • Scenarios and What-if Modelling

  • Integration and compatible with any accounting systems that exports to Excel including MYOB and Xero

  • Consolidation and Eliminations

  • Flexible Dashboards to gain full control of your business

  • Handle Consolidations with Ease



Build budgets & forecasts quickly with Castaway’s Integrations. Design attractive reports & dashboards to help clients develop their business plans and guide them to a brighter future. Create more value and gain greater clarity by performing scenario analysis and modelling what-ifs.

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Gain insight and foresight into the cashflow in your business. Prepare dynamic reports and tell your business story to banks and stakeholders. Get control of your numbers and strategically plan how and where to grow your business. Plan for multiple situations and be ready with Castaway scenarios.

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Transition from broken, complex and time-consuming spreadsheets to simple files with powerful calculations. Rely on Castaway’s 3-way reporting, built on foundational accounting principles. Perform actuals & variance analysis to re-forecast and help your clients make better decisions.

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Test the resilience of your business strategy by modelling different assumptions and scenarios on market conditions. Consolidate and handle the eliminations of  departments with a click of a button. View performance at a group level. Decide on the level of detail by drilling down in  reports.

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Stunningly Designed Reports


Craft attractive and comprehensive personalised reports and provide insight to your stakeholders. Add company logos, brand colours and fonts to all of your reports. Decide to include additional information by adding customised report formulas or removing in-built ones.


Castaway provides you with the flexibility to generate good-looking and unique reports tailored to you or your clients.


Integrate With Your Existing System


Easily create your first forecast in Castaway via Integrations with Excel, MYOB, Xero and Fathom. Build your Chart of Accounts in minutes by loading up your file and using the drag & drop function to map your accounts. Pull in your Actuals data in a matter of seconds with just a click of a button.

Excel Integration makes Castaway compatible with any accounting software that exports to Excel. So no matter what accounting package you’re on, we’ve got you covered.

Model What-if's & Scenarios
Future-Proof Your Business

Prepare your business for a range of situations by scenario planning. Build your assumptions in Castaway by utilising drivers and learn how a change in these assumptions will impact your future. Get a glimpse of an alternate event by applying a what-if percentage to your accounts.

Steer the growth of your business by observing how different business decisions will financially impact you. With Castaway, you have the power to make better decisions.

Engaging, Flexible Dashboards

Castaway makes building engaging dashboards easier than ever. Choose from one of the preset dashboards or create a custom one. Preset graph widgets allow you to build a dashboard quickly or have full control and build your own.

Using the Dashboard Design panel, you can create attractive and unique graph styles that you can paste on to other graphs to create a consistent look for the whole dashboard. Use text or image widgets to help tell your story. This allows you to quickly build attractive dashboards with substance


Handle Consolidation With Ease


Ideal for businesses with multiple subsidiaries, Castaway can help you instantly create a consolidated view of your files. Choose which accounts you want to eliminate simply by adjusting the settings. Castaway can also manage as many consolidations as you want, with files in multiple currencies.

Allow Castaway to remove your frustrations and free up the time you spend on maintaining convoluted consolidation spreadsheets to create better value for your business.

  • CRM For Small Business


Daniel Elsing - EGroup Business Services

Castaway 3-way forecasting is fantastic. I have researched a couple of other leading business planning software packages and Castaway provides 10x more features and flexibility. I just developed a comprehensive 5 year Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet for a business in less than a day. Great for budgeting, business plans and bank financing. Also with direct interface to MYOB and Xero for actual results import.

Brett Wiseman - Interact Business Consulting

We have been using Castaway for three years now. In my 27 years as an accountant, no other piece of software I have encountered gets even close to equalling the value added to our practice and to the value we have been able to add to our clients' businesses, by using it. Our business has grown 40% in the last 2 years and 90% of this growth is attributable to Castaway work. Castaway is an essential tool for all advisory firms.

Stephen Gleeson - Atlas Pearls and Perfumes

Our Company has been budgeting and cashflow modelling in Excel for many years and developed a sophisticated financial model. However, budgeting became a nightmare for our finance team as the Excel-based model became too complicated and never balanced when we consolidated the various entities in our Group. We switched to Castaway as it was easy to use and enabled us to run various “what-if” scenarios with middle management in a format they could understand. We no longer have broken links and budgeting is now a much more productive exercise. Recommend Castaway to anyone who wants to make budgeting simple and clear to all involved.

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