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MoneyWorks allows you to get to know your business and make better decisions to grow your business.

Departmet Accounting
Cash book
Totaly cross platform
Localise by Document

MoneyWorks is a powerful accounting and business information software.


Your accounting software needs to do so much more than just bookkeeping and compliance. It needs to provide fast and timely financial and management reports while adapting to your changing workflows, operating with your other systems and growing with your business.


Information-rich dashboard charts let you know at a glance how your business is performing, while the easy-to-use on screen lists and enquiries give you quick access to all the information in your system. MoneyWorks allow you to complete in-depth analysis and forecasting. It is the most powerful reporting of any accounting software in its class, allowing you to get to really know your business.


Time is money. You don’t want your accounting software to slow you down. The configurable entry screens in MoneyWorks will increase your productivity and the networking is robust and extremely fast, allowing multiple users to undertake the same functions quickly and simultaneously.

Totally Cross-Platform

Works the same on Mac and Windows. Share data files between platforms or even have Mac and Windows computers accessing the same server.

Cashbook and General Ledger



Record payments and receipts and automatically track the GST. Recurring transactions save re-entering repetitive items such as wages. Print cheques or create electronic direct payment files for supported banks.

  • Full record of payments and receipts.

  • Automatic tracking of GST.

  • Unlimited bank accounts.

  • Point and click bank reconciliation—no need to re-enter your bank statement.

  • Cashflow reporting.

  • Import downloaded bank statements in QIF, OFX, QBO formats

  • Quick allocation of income and expenses by predefined rules

General Ledger

Maintains details of your accounts for over 7 years. Advanced department capability in MoneyWorks provides independent cost centres and dual budgets provide full budgeting support right down to department level.

  • Completely flexible chart of accounts allows MoneyWorks to operate the way your business does.

  • Full budgeting—with two separate budgets.

  • Compare actual performance to budgets.

  • Use the built-in budget editor or copy and paste from an external spreadsheet, or Import/Export budgets [Express and Gold]

  • No end-of-month or end-of-year rollover—have up to 90 periods open simultaneously.

  • Complete audit trail.

  • Account movement graphs with drill-down to actual transactions.

  • 7 character free-form account codes for reporting flexibility

  • Reports and graphical analysis going back up to 7 years.

  • Supports alternative code for reporting. Use your own codes in-house to provide the degree of breakdown that you need, but give your accountant reports based on their preferred coding structure.

Departmental Accounting

Departmentalised accounts provide powerful sub-ledger capabilities, allowing departmental reporting and budgeting, for example: report by branch, salesperson, employee, curriculum department (for schools), project, vehicle (for fleet management) and many others.

  • 5 character free-form department codes in addition to the 7 character account codes for reporting flexibility

  • Departmental breakdown for reports

  • Departmental budgets

  • Departments can even be linked to products and inventory for product sales analysis by salesperson/branch etc.

  • Cashflow reporting with departments for salesperson commission calculations.

GST/VAT and Sales Tax Tracking


MoneyWorks was designed from the ground up to provide the best possible support for GST/VAT-type taxes, plus it also supports North-American-style sales taxes.

  • Enter amounts as GST inclusive or exclusive—MoneyWorks does the rest.

  • Default GST is based on general ledger code used, so you never need to worry about charging GST on wages or other exempt/free items.

  • Complete handling of GST on both invoice/accrual [note: not MoneyWorks Cashbook] and payments/cash basis.

  • GST/VAT handling is based on ‘transaction tagging’, so you never need worry that a transaction has been omitted or double-counted.

  • Detailed reporting provides complete audit trail.

  • Tax code override for individual customers or suppliers (useful for offshore transactions).

  • Country-specific guides for form filling supplied for New Zealand (GST Return guide), Australia (BAS Guide), Singapore (IRAS), Nepal (VAT Guide), UK (VAT Guide). In other countries simply use the figures provided on the general GST/VAT and/or sales tax reports

Localise By Document


All MoneyWorks versions are localised or self-localising for GST/VAT systems in New Zealand, Australia, Canada (including support for provincial sales taxes, HST, QST), Nepal, South Africa, Singapore and the UK, and for sales-tax tracking in the US.


If you keep accounts for organisations in more than one country, each document can be set up to track and report appropriately.

Accounts Payable

  • Automatic notification when creditor invoices overdue.

  • Full payments history.

  • Email remittance advices to suppliers.

  • Record invoices by item or by account

  • Store original PDF or scan of hard copy invoice for your records

  • Open-item payables.

  • Head-office payments.

  • Automatic notification when payment on invoices is overdue.

  • Prompt-payment discounts.

  • Aged payables reports, including retrospective.

  • Print cheques and/or remittance advices.

  • Prepare direct credit schedules for electronic submission to bank (many NZ, Aus banks supported; requires special bank software; extensible file export).

  • Fast and comprehensive on-screen payments history.

  • Automatically track expenses against jobs for re-invoicing [MoneyWorks Gold]

  • Easy write-off, contra and cancellation facilities.

  • Manages partial payments.

  • Associate creditors with a payment method to easily select and pay by cheque, direct credit etc.

Custom Forms Designer


Create eye-catching invoices and statements, not to mention purchase orders, cheques, mailing labels, and remittance forms. Fit forms to existing stationery or print on plain paper. Full graphics support for company logos.

  • Design your own invoices, statements, receipts, cheques, letters, product labels etc.

  • Include graphics—lines, rectangles, round-cornered rectangles and pasted/imported graphics.

  • Smart forms capability—include formulas and conditional visibility of form elements

  • Multi-part and multi-page forms.

  • Easily print mailing labels.

  • Include barcodes (EAN13/UPC and GS1/Code128) and product images

  • All forms can be PDFed and emailed; you can even include clickable links to your website in PDFs (full PDF support even on Windows – no additional software required)



MoneyWorks Gold makes the handling of multiple currencies seamless. Issue and receive invoices/payments in any currency, and MoneyWorks will do the background accounting.​

  • Set up an unlimited number of foreign currency bank accounts

  • Assign currency to customers and suppliers

  • Foreign currency cash sales and purchases

  • Foreign currency invoicing

  • Foreign currency order entry

  • Receive payments on invoices in different currency from invoice

  • Funds transfer between currency bank accounts

  • Automatic management of realised and unrealised currency gains/losses

  • Per period currency rates for each currency with transaction override as needed

Accounts Payable
Custm Forms Designer

Fast Networking

  • Easily share your accounts on a Local Area Network.

  • MoneyWorks Gold employs a host-guest networking model. The master user opens the accounts and multiple guest (client) users can connect.

  • MoneyWorks networking performance is typically many times faster than competing products. Software performance can make a big difference to staff productivity.

  • Advanced database allows simultaneous access to the same functions (e.g. Accounts Receivable) by multiple users

  • Mix Macs and Windows PCs on the same network

Advanced Security

  • Extensive per-user privilege controls.

  • Keeps track of who entered which transaction.

Fast Networking



All MoneyWorks products come with a large selection of standard reports appropriate to the functionality of the product.

Custom Report Writer

In addition to a wealth of standard reports, MoneyWorks Gold includes a powerful report writer that allows you to create your own reports.

Create detailed reports to give exactly the information you need in the format you choose. There is no limit to the reporting power of MoneyWorks.

  • Simple to create GL reports, but with the power to use any data in your database.

  • Comes with Trial Balance, Income, Cashflow, GST, Cash Projection, Ledger and Balance Sheet, plus profit, trading, inventory, sales, job and budget reports.

  • Preview on screen, or output to PDF, Email, Excel, Word, Numbers, Clipboard, text or HTML file

  • Include barcodes and product images.

  • Generate charts

  • Sort and consolidate accounts by Accountant’s code.

  • Full expression evaluation including access to internal variables, database lookups and built-in functions.

  • For advanced reporting, you can use programming language-like control constructs (For loops, If/Else)

  • Report Signing to secure access to sensitive data—only authorised users will be allowed to use the report.


If you need networked access and/or multi user privilege control then you need MoneyWorks Gold or MoneyWorks Datacentre Server.

Advanced Security
Multi-company server

Multi-company server

Datacentre has all the same functionality as MoneyWorks Gold (MoneyWorks Gold is the network client), but with the convenience, scalability, and interoperability opportunities of server-based systems, including access from mobile devices. In addition Datacentre has highly optimised networking, making for extremely fast remote connections without the need for expensive thin client solutions.

  • Share accounts documents for multiple companies simultaneously.

  • Concurrent client licensing: install MoneyWorks Gold client on as many workstations as you like – only active connections are counted.

  • Server comes standard with 3 concurrent client licenses. Easily add more. Support several dozen users with ease..

  • Server is always available: this makes remote access possible over the internet.

  • Accelerated server-side reporting. Reports can be run on the server making them up to 500 times faster for remote clients connected over an internet link.

  • Regular automatic backups and archives.

  • Partition users: allow users logging into the server to see only a subset of documents.

  • Console application for server management.

  • Expanded integration options: some third party solutions require a MoneyWorks Datacentre Server.

Which multi-user product should I choose?

Although MoneyWorks Gold server can support a dozen or more clients, we recommend MoneyWorks Datacentre for more than 2 or 3 users. If you want to access your accounts from a distant office, or from a mobile device, you will need Datacentre. If you need any of the specific functionality offered by Datacentre Server then the choice is obvious. You can easily and cost-effectively upgrade from a MoneyWorks Gold network to the power and convenience of MoneyWorks Datacentre Server at any time.



MoneyWorks Gold comes complete with a powerful built-in scripting system (mwScript), allowing you to extend functionality, automate repetitive tasks and refine how MoneyWorks interacts with the user. You can implement enhanced data checking, extend the importing capabilities for unstructured files, interrogate websites for other information, even talk to MoneyWorks files stored on remote Datacentres.

  • Automate repetitive tasks by adding new menu commands and/or buttons on lists and entry windows.

  • Communicate with external websites to look up supplier pricing, extract exchange rates, get latest stock market quotes, etc.

  • Add special functionality, such as customised price books, special discount rules, automatic transaction creation.

  • Provide enhanced data integrity checks and workflow management, such as custom purchase order approval.

  • Scripting editor is colour-coded for live syntax checking.

  • Scripts have access to MoneyWorks tables and functions.

  • Event driven for easy integration with user interface.

  • Access external files & web sites.

  • Access to special user tables for storing persistent data within MoneyWorks.

  • Scripts can be easily imported and exported, for quick deployment.

External Scripting

  • Automate data transfer using Applescript (Mac) or Visual Basic (et al) via COM (Windows)

  • Attachable Applescripts or VBS scripts for extended data validation (MoneyWorks calls your script in response to user interface events such as tabbing out of a field)


Full access to your data

Some business systems lock your data up and make it hard to access or achieve interoperability with other systems your business relies on. “Cloud”-based systems may not give you access to your raw data at all (a real problem if the provider goes out of business).

MoneyWorks makes free access to your data a priority. Extensive data export and import facilities are at your disposal.


  • Configurable importing for transactions, names, items, accounts, jobs, timesheets etc (as appropriate for product; in Cashbook this is via Copy/Paste)

  • Export from all main database lists (Copy/Paste in Cashbook)


Ostendo – MoneyWorks Integration


Ostendo is “Operational Software” that includes advanced features for inventory, manufacturing and jobbing, and which now offers seamless, real-time integration with MoneyWorks Datacentre. In effect, Ostendo becomes an operational front end to MoneyWorks, adding powerful functionality for distribution, engineering and manufacturing, including:

  • Serial Number/Batch Tracking

  • Inventory and Purchasing

  • Landed Costing

  • MRP and Inventory Replenishment

  • Enhanced Job Costing and Projects

  • Labour, Timesheets and Job Tracking (includes Constraints Scheduling)

  • Distribution, POS and Service (includes Asset Preventive Maintenance)

  • CRM, Call Centre and Quoting

  • Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Configured Custom Products including Features and Options


Like MoneyWorks, Ostendo incorporates powerful custom reporting, graphical workflows, advanced scripting, and access from mobile devices, thus allowing for a high level of customisation to meet specific user requirements.

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