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Buying a Business

Whether you’re an experienced business owner or you’re planning to buy your first business, we can help you make the right decisions.

We can conduct a thorough financial analysis of the accounts of the prospective business and provide you with advice on its viability and determine a fair price for purchasing the business.

A financial model that takes into account your experience and ideas can help to maximise your investment.

A due diligence review will give you peace of mind that you know exactly what you are purchasing. 

Preparing a Business to Maximise Value



We help businesses develop and execute a growth and exit strategy to increase the value of the business while reducing dependence on your involvement to achieve it.

Financial Modelling

We develop financial modelling that provides business owners with a detailed understanding of the financial health of their business to guide strategic decision-making.


We provide objective, experienced insight and management guidance to help you position your business as a desirable and high value opportunity to a strategic acquirer.


Our experienced advisors help you develop, review and refine your forecasts with the goal of articulating a dependable, stable growth story for potential acquirers.

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