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Tensens Cleaning Supplies

Kunda Park, Queensland Australia

Tensens supplies all types of cleaning products to the commercial industry including hospitality, carpet cleaning, schools and universities. Their products range from chemicals through to large ride-on scrubbing machines and everything in between.


Company Background

Tensens is a family owned business operating on the Sunshine Coast; in February 2015 they will have been in operation 20 years. Hans Tensen started a contract carpet cleaning business in Melbourne catering to corporate clients. Hans partnered with Polyvac and eventually the family moved to Queensland to run the Queensland branch.


When the Queensland branch was closed Tensens Cleaning Supplies was created, with humble beginnings, operating out of a tin shed in Caboolture. Marcia, Hans’s daughter, started working in the business at the age of 18 and continues to do so. Marcia and her husband Ben Rodgers have been managing the business since 2004 and in December 2010 took on ownership of the business. Ben and Marcia have seen the business grow by 20% every year since.Ben says “our strong growth is a result of our hard work and our ongoing strategy to seek out new business opportunities. We pride ourselves on selling top quality products.”

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and Exo Business

The business employs 13 staff in customer service, sales, training, warehousing and delivery. With their growth, Tensens required a software solution that was capable of handling all aspects of their business and to grow with them.They had outgrown MYOB Enterprise and required customised reporting, robust tracking of back orders and detailed job costing. To meet all of their requirements the decision was made to move to Exo Business.

When Tensens started using Exo Business the implementation and setup was done prior to partnering with ABC Business Solutions. Exo Business was not meeting expectations or being utilised to its full extent. Ben researched alternative Exo partners, got testimonials from other Exo users and found ABC Business Solutions.

Ben says “ABC Business Solutions came to us with expertise in accounting, stock management, job costing, report writing and software customisation to get Exo Business working properly for us. Carol Roberts was straight forward with timelines, what was required and how we were to accomplish this.

A lot of ABC skill has gone into reworking Exo Business to meet our needs. This was implemented by Carol and her staff having clear objectives and processes. Carol taught us to change the way we look at our business and get back to the basics to solve the problems. We now utilise more functionality in Exo Business to make the business more transparent.”

ABC Business Solutions prepared customised reports to give the owners meaningful insight into their business operations. Scripting was done for labels and bar codes, giving them the ability to tightly control their stock.

ABC Business Solutions stands out from other consulting firms with their accounting knowledge and expertise of how the software works. ABC has helped us understand the accounting in Exo Business and also the payroll program. Ben commented “ABC are genuinely helpful with the running of our business. They are an honest, straight forward business which understands that businesses don’t want headaches but need to run smoothly and make a profit.”

Ben says “We have a great website that creates a lot of leads and integrates into our MYOB Exo Business software via Straightsell and gives us excellent search engine optimisation”. In addition to the workshop using job costing, all equipment that requires servicing is serial number tracked with ability to schedule and cost this servicing using the serviceable units module. Ben Rodgers, Director Tensens Cleaning Supplies

Future Directions

Tensens plan to continually improve on their product line, focusing on growing markets such as contract cleaners, healthcare and education. Tensens also plan to expand geographically by opening more branches. We see ABC Business Solutions providing continued support and assisting us with our future growth plans.

Alpha Electrics

Tasmania, Australia


Alpha Electrics began as a family business in 1967, when David Philips went into business for himself repairing electric motors for customers in his local area.

From these beginnings the business has grown to a mid sized company with three offices that specialises in the repair and rewind of electric motors. It is the largest company of its kind in the state, and has the capacity to offer a 24 hour breakdown service and equipment sophisticated enough to take on large scale work for the mining industry.



In order to remain relevant amidst vast and rapid advancements in technology. Alpha Electrics worked closely with their clientele and tailored their operations to meet emerging needs.

Alpha Electrics workforce was changing – whereas 15 years ago, the bulk of their employees would have been tasked with small equipment repair, retaining electricians on staff had given the capacity to install and service any product sold by Alpha Electrics, and retaining technicians on staff had enabled them to conduct on-site vibration testing to identify weaknesses with the aim of avoiding total shutdown.

Given the changing nature of motor manufacture. Alpha Electrics focus also had to shift back from an emphasis on repair and further into the area of sales. This meant tracking the retention and movement of stock, and required multi user login at three separate locations – a complexity their current systems – including MYOB Account Right – just weren’t coping with.

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and MYOB EXO Business and Wage Easy Payroll and HR

Alpha Electrics were struggling with an unwieldy combination of MYOB Account Right, a locally made job costing program and various manual systems.

Says Tricia Marmion, Accounts Manager, “The only way we could run MYOB Account Right in three sites was to maintain three separate files at each location, which was very tedious”. They then installed MYOB EXO Business, but still had issues with jobs costing and accounting reporting.

Searching the internet one evening in frustration with their MYOB EXO Business support providers, Alpha’s General Manager Anthony Butler and Finance Manager Drew Beecham came across ABC Business Solutions. “Drew was going to just start at the top of the list and work his way through until he found someone who could give us the answers we needed, but ABC Business Solutions was as far as he got!” says Tricia.

“The thing that sold him to start off with was that when he described some of the problems we were having with MYOB EXO Business and MYOB EXO Job Costing, Carol was able to anticipate other issues we were having, without even having been told. I remember Drew saying that after briefly describing one of the problems, Carol was able to offer a quick fix for the issue, whereas our previous MYOB EXO suppliers had not been able to identify there was a problem!”

“We had quite a bit of training with ABC, we had a lot of teleconferences where ABC would log into our systems and we would follow along as they mocked things up. Management also wanted a lot of customised reports within MYOB EXO Business Drew would have a conversation with ABC Business Solutions about his requirements, someone would usually create something for him to look at within 48 hours and it would be fine tuned and operational within a couple of follow-up conversations.”

“One of the initial concerns in choosing ABC was that we’re in Tasmania and they’re in Queensland, but it’s not been a problem at all – no different to us dealing with someone down here.” Since partnering with ABC Business Solutions, Alpha Electrics has seen significant time savings. With thanks to MYOB EXO Business and Wageeasy Payroll and HR, the bulk of their Administrative and Financial paperwork can now be done from Head Office, instead of being performed in triplicate at each location.

Notes Tricia; “We’re finally confident that if we need the data, it will be there and it will be in the right place. Our new accountants are happy.”

Since then ABC Business Solutions have installed a new payroll system for Alpha Electrics called Wageeasy. Says Tricia “we were using MYOB Account Right and wanted an easier way, we had heard Wageeasy was quicker and had more information storage. After the initial installation, ABC walked us through a whole Wage Easy pay run via conference call – we did it once in the old MYOB Account Right file, then again in Wage Easy, so the few things that needed to be fixed were fixed there and then.”

“ABC seemed to know everything about the Wage Easy system, which was great because it meant there was no to-ing and fro-ing. Now that we’re set up, we’re at a point where if we have any hassles we send an email through and ABC respond either telling us how to fix it ourselves, or telling us that it’s fixed.”Tricia Marmion, Accounts Manager 

Future Directions

Tricia notes that they will continue to need ABC’s help with Wageeasy, ongoing troubleshooting and additional customisation. “When we were having trouble with MYOB EXO Business, ABC Business Solutions had the accounting knowledge to understand what we were talking about, and they talked us through it all in real terms so we knew exactly what we were doing and exactly what needed to be done. They keep us up to date with advancements in software, suggested Wageeasy to us, and they’ve identified other timesheet add-ons to use with Wageeasy and MYOB EXO Business to save us even more time. Any other issues that arise with MYOB EXO Business or Wageeasy Payroll and HR, or areas we need help with; ABC Business Solutions are our software business partner of choice and are an experienced and knowledgeable first port of call for us.”

Moving forward, Alpha Electrics will continue to work closely with their clientele to find ways to identify emerging opportunities while also fine tuning their equipment and repair methods to keep at the forefront of technology and practices. ABC Business Solutions will be close to hand to ensure Alpha’s software and systems continue to run smoothly, effectively, and most importantly, responsively to Alpha Electric’s needs.


Malaga, Western Australia


DM Breaker Group consists of two companies. DMB Fluid Technologies specialises in supplying accessories to construction and mining equipment, while DM Breaker Equipment specialises in

attachments for construction and mining equipment.

DM Breaker Equipment was founded in 1991, with DMB Fluid Technologies starting in 2002. The

companies were formed when an opportunity arose to develop into a niche market using only a

single product. They are located in Malaga, Western Australia and depict themselves as a medium

based company.

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and MYOB EXO Business

DM Breaker Group were using MYOB Premier previously. They required software for their large number of stock items, as well as the use of job costing, however it was found that MYOB Premier could not handle their needs and they experienced many software crashes. This was the point at which they knew they needed to change.

Michael Marriott notes, “ABC helped us with the hurdles”. If he needs help with customisation, ABC is able to do it for him. ABC also helps with their IT problems, for example, their software crashing when working with Outlook. “Carol has engaged someone to have a look at it for us. The training I have had with ABC has been professional and accurate.”

Their processes have now changed with the new staff and Michael Marriott talks about employing more staff, even though the change is inevitable with the business. “We have employed extra people to do the processes.” Michael Marriott also notes that they do procedures and roles differently now due to the way ABC have set up their system and how ABC have trained them.



Michael Marriott, General Manager, has seen the business evolve over the past years. He has seen DM Breaker Equipment sustain a steady growth, and seen DMB Fluid Technologies sustain a high growth. He notes that due to unforeseen circumstances, DMB Fluid Technologies did decline business wise for a small time, however they have managed to pick the company up and bring the growth substantially back to where it was before.

Michael Marriott comments: “We always strive to improve efficiency and professionalism within our Accessory division [DMB Fluid Technologies] to grow rapidly and push to improve. We also do the same for our Equipment division [DM Breaker Equipment].” Michael Marriott mentions that their core business is still holding the same objectives and has not had a need to develop into different markets. However, as they grow and improve, they will be able to expand.

Future Directions

“We have a way to go to get the program to where we want it to be. ABC is working closely to assist us. They are outsourcing add on’s to make the program add extra value.” DM Breaker Group have a 5 year plan in place. They plan to expand into other regions, and have also come across opportunities to expand overseas.

Michael Marriott also makes the same comment in regards to developing a long term relationship between DM Breaker Group and ABC Business Solutions. When asked how can ABC ensure a long term relationship with his company, Michael Marriott stated “They already are.” Michael Marriott, General Manager, DM Breaker Group.


Cairns, North Queensland, Australia

NQ Crash & 4WD Spares, a major parts supplier in the Cairns region and surrounding districts, was established in 1999. They are a medium sized, family automotive company who specialise in supplying automotive replacement and accessory items, including both new and used parts.

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and MYOB EXO

Josh Milligan noted that the increase in their number of staff, who needed to use operational software, was one of the main reasons they changed their software system to MYOB EXO Business. They also needed a program that could handle a web site link and international currency, all of which is imperative for their company.

Their essential requirements were vehicle tracking, parts tracking from disassembly of second hand vehicles, point of sale and inventory control.

They also wanted to automate their sales from the web straight into MYOB EXO Business.​ “We discovered ABC Business Solutions through contacting MYOB. When I spoke to MYOB, I explained our needs and wants and they put me straight onto ABC Business Solutions.”

“The advantage of ABC Business Solutions was their knowledge of software.” Josh also noted “The support from ABC Business Solutions is a big advantage as software partners. They are able to sort any issues and fix any mistakes that we make.”

Since partnering with ABC Business Solutions, NQ Crash and 4WD Spares have noticed a decrease in their double handling of data and processes. “The modifications to MYOB EXO Business, made by ABC Business Solutions, including extra add-ons that allow us to search by parts and vehicles, has allowed us to streamline our Used Parts straight in MYOB EXO Business. Everything is now in the computer system and there are a lot less manual records.”


The business has evolved as Josh Milligan, Manager, explains “We have grown over the past few years. In the last 5 or 6 years, our sales have expanded and so have our customer needs. Most of our changes have been planned.”​ During the changes, NQ Crash & 4WD Spares made the decision to develop into different markets and branches, such as Social Media for their company advertising and promoting.

Future Directions

“ABC Business Solutions are helping us move forward. We are happy to be able to streamline our products now. When I ring or email ABC Business Solutions and ask their advice on what would be the best way to do something, they are able to assist us, either by showing us existing ways or creating new processes for us.”


NQ Crash and 4WD Spares have a five year plan in place. They are focusing on evolving their online and social media presence. Their online store is commencing and ABC have assisted in integrating between their products straight through to MYOB EXO Business.

“ABC Business Solutions have set it up so that I can take items on or off in EXO, or change prices, and it automatically updates online.”Josh explains that he has “fantastic support” with ABC Business Solutions and they have provided great assistance in their moving forward.

“ABC Business Solutions have always been excellent and I can see a future relationship with them. They have been great in the past 12 months and I only see it getting better. Everything they do is exceptional and they always make sure to follow up with us.” Josh Milligan, Manager, NQ Crash & 4WD Spares


Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia


Noosa Longboards is a retail surf lifestyle and culture store. Originating in 1994, Noosa Longboards was started by a surfer with a passion not just for surfing, but for the history and culture of surfing. The store sells surfboards and surf wear, as well as surfing collectables and memorabilia.



Over the past years, the shop has evolved to keep attune with the continuous changes in the retail world. Julie also notes recent challenges with the Global Financial Crisis, decrease in the tourism trade at the Sunshine Coast and the new online trends that the business has had to contend with. She has watched the company evolve around these challenges and has made changes to the business accordingly. Their big decision was consolidating the three stores.

“We decided to concentrate on what we call our ‘signature store’, which we have made bigger and better.” says Julie Bray, Accounts Manager. “Over the past few years, we have also set up an online store, and chose to move the location of the store. We are now really focusing on the Noosa Longboards branding. “We try to vary in the market a lot, and do not want to just sell to the teenager demographic. We aim to target all ages interested in the surfing culture.”


Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and Ostendo

Julie knew the company required a software change when there was an increase in growth, and they lacked suitable reporting. “Growth and reporting were the two reasons we needed a change in software. Our requirements were a better reporting system, so we could watch margins etc. as well as an easy to use Point of Sale system, that would be timesaving. The system needed to handle barcodes and catalogues.”

“We came across ABC Business Solutions through recommendation. ABC Business Solutions also had knowledge of business, which was an advantage to us.” ABC Business Solutions then introduced Noosa Longboards to Ostendo, and managed the installation, set up and training for Julie and the Noosa Longboards team. “Before the initial change over, ABC Business Solutions collected all of our data and company information from our old system and transferred it to the new system for us. They customised specialised reports for us.”

“We had quite a lot of training. Our initial training was through gotomeeting with ABC Consultants. We were also able to have evening sessions with them, as we trade 7 days a week and needed training out of hours. After we went live, we were able to continue having sessions with ABC Business Solutions whenever we needed.”


Julie notes her favourite parts of the Ostendo Point of Sale module, “The Point of Sale in Ostendo is easy to drill down and find information in. It also imports the information straight into MYOB AccountRight, which is really important and really good. From the retail staff point of view, they find the Point of Sale easy to work with, and it has been customised to suit our needs. Noosa Longboards used Ostendo and Point of Sale on a terminal Server with different locations.

“The existing reports in Ostendo were basic. So we had a report for ‘sales by item’ and ‘sales by category’ report written by ABC Business Solutions, within Ostendo’s Report Writer platform. “I use the reporting in Ostendo for sales and margin reports and monthly inventory reports. From the back end point of view, I can get a lot of information and I find it powerful.”

In regards to stock control in Ostendo, Julie admits they don’t do enough. “I know we can use the system to do full stock takes or smaller ones, we need to start using it more. Ostendo does what it needs to do to handle our stock.”

Julie also mentions the ease of the ODBC link from Ostendo to MYOB AccountRight, “It is very easy to track batches and makes finishing the BAS in MYOB AccountRight simple. There is no double entering and it is instantaneous. In the old system, I used to have to wait and only do it weekly. There was a lot of guess work like that. This ODBC link is very good.”

“With the new software solution we now have, we have a lot more focus on the front end. We do more stock control and entry. We find Ostendo easy to enter goods and set up new items. We also now use supplier barcodes.”


Future Directions

ABC Business Solutions has helped Noosa Longboards move forward during their business development and economic climate “ABC Business Solutions assisted us with our additional store locations [before the consolidation] and created a separate database for us.” Julie also notes that the specialised reports which ABC Business Solutions built for them, has helped them in moving forward.


“We are set up now, and don’t need as much from ABC Business Solutions, unless there is a query or something needs to be set up. However, it is good to know ABC Business Solutions and their Ostendo Consultants, with all of their retail background knowledge, are there if needed. They are really helpful.”


“There is a chance of another expansion again soon, which we will need ABC Business Solutions to assist with once more.” Julie Bray, Account Manager, Noosa Longboards.


Townsville, Queensland Australia

Founded in 1980, Proscitech began its’ training in the bottom of a residential house in Townsville, Queensland. Eight years on, the company has built a commercial building and has gone from residing in only a quarter of the building, to half of it.

Proscitech was born due to the noticed difficulty in accessing laboratory supplies in Australia, with both appropriate pricing and timeframes. Their stock range has expanded greatly, from only stocking Electron Microscopy to now stocking almost all necessary laboratory supplies.



Margaret Darley, Business Owner, was having a lot of difficulty with their MYOB EXO Business. “MYOB EXO Business was not running the way it was meant to. Many things needed to be fixed and the migrate was not working properly.”

“I came across ABC Business Solutions on the internet. We were in a lot of trouble with our system and I was looking for a solution. I sent through an enquiry via ABC Business Solutions website. When Carol Roberts called me back, she made me breathe a sigh of relief. I remember her telling me: ‘that’s fine’ and ‘this can be fixed’. I remember thinking: ‘this is just fabulous!'”

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and MYOB EXO Business

ABC Business Solutions then commenced to assist Proscitech by taking over their MYOB EXO Business file. Modifications by ABC Business Solutions were made to their reports and forms, so that Margaret and the team would be able to work more efficiently within their MYOB EXO Business Software.


Margaret comments on the skills and knowledge that ABC Business Solutions have with MYOB EXO Business: “Our MYOB EXO Business is now running correctly. ABC Business Solutions were able to fix the main workings of the system and all the entails were repaired. The migrate issues were also fixed by ABC Business Solutions.”

“We now have our on costs right, which is invaluable to us. MYOB EXO Business also integrates very well and all our products and pricing go straight on our website.” Margaret also agrees that the quality of accounting she can now get out of MYOB EXO Business, since ABC Business Solutions took over, has improved greatly.

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and Wage Easy Payroll & HR

It was then recommended by ABC Business Solutions that Proscitech make the change to Wage Easy Payroll & HR Software.

“ABC Business Solutions recommended Wage Easy to us, due to it being an easy program to operate and a system that would suit Proscitech better.”

“ABC Business Solutions also made sure our Wage Easy integrated with our MYOB EXO business, and because of this I no longer have to double key, which is a big plus. I am very pleased with this recommendation.” Wage Easy Payroll & HR was set up by ABC Business Solutions from scratch for Proscitech. Margaret received one on one training for the program from ABC Business Solutions.

ABC Business Solutions then assisted Proscitech further by customising the system for them. Margaret comments: “It works beautifully!”
Margaret agrees that Wage Easy Payroll & HR benefits her company: “The simplicity of the program and the fact that it only takes half an hour to do wages now, adds a lot of value to our company.”

Future Directions

With MYOB EXO Business now working correctly and Wage Easy Payroll & HR installed and set up, Proscitech have noticed a change in the way they carry out business processes. Margaret says they are able to receipt goods and cost goods as well as MYOB EXO Business handling all on landed costs. They are also able to set more realistic margins. “We do various things differently now that we have ABC Business Solutions. Such as receipting and ordering goods, credits, costings and stocktake.”


ABC Business Solutions is still assisting Proscitech to move forward. Margaret mentions that ABC Business Solutions keep her up to date with the new Tax Rates and all upgrades within the Wage Easy and MYOB EXO Business software. “ABC Business Solutions give constant support and they are always there when we need them.”



Central Coast, New South Wales

5P Group is a design and marketing retail business. Commencing in 2001, 5P Group started as marketing consultants, when they saw a gap in the industry and joined partnership with Pop Strategic, an industry design company.

Their Head Office is based on the Central Coast of New South Wales, and has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland.


Internally and externally, Jennifer Porter, Business Owner & Director, has seen many changes in the company’s evolution. With the company now 10 years old, Jennifer has seen growth in their target market and change within the internal processes and roles.

“Each year I nominate three objectives for the company. We have really refined our target market and also our internal focus. We increase our focus each year. With our target market, we are now concentrating on whom we do business with. We look more for enjoyment with good customers and are now more selective.”

ABC Business Solutions assisting with Management Accounting

Not only does ABC Business Solutions offer set up and ongoing training and support to 5P Group, but  also does 10 hours a month of Management Accounting for the company. “ABC works with our full time Accounts Clerk at end of month. ABC does the adjustments and prepares data from a top line point of view.”

“ABC also is involved in our board meetings. They present the figures, as well as a review on profit and loss, our trading statement, balance sheet and also updates us on any outstanding special projects that they are working on for us.”

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and MYOB EXO Business and Ostendo

5P Group were previously using other manufacturing software, with MYOB EXO Business. But due to implementation issues, their team did not learn how to use the software properly, thus inaccurate data was being produced. “We were in a position to look at a new system. We did not know what the issue was, whether it was the team not using the software correctly, or if it was the software.”

“Our requirements with new software were mainly support and training.”

“My business partner came across ABC Business Solutions in a Google search. We were looking at a few different software consultants.”


“However, we chose ABC Business Solutions as they came down to New South Wales and gave a presentation to us. They took us through what our system would allow us to do.” ABC Business Solution’s then introduced 5P Group to Ostendo. “We already had MYOB EXO Business, and were running MYOB EXO Business and other production software, when we got frustrated over the incorrect data. We were happy with MYOB EXO Business, so looked for another company that could support us. ABC Business Solutions then introduced us to Ostendo.”

“We now integrate Ostendo and MYOB EXO Business for manufacturing.”

“The stock and jobs management in Ostendo does what we want it to do. From my point of view, the accuracy in data is important. And the production team work well in Ostendo.” 5P Group has Wage Easy implemented by ABC for their payroll. “My Accounts Clerk has found Wage Easy a lot easier to use.” ABC Business Solutions assisted 5P Group with the set up of Ostendo and also the fix up of their existing MYOB EXO Business File. “There was a lot of work that had to be done. ABC Business Solutions had to go through each item, line by line and fix errors. The files had to be adjusted and cleaned. There was a lot of fixing to do.”

“ABC Business Solutions support and train our team. They are really more like business partners to us. ABC Business Solutions have always been there for help and have backed us up. I was looking for ongoing support, and ABC Business Solutions are good at that.”


“I can call them at a drop of a hat and they can answer all of my questions.”ABC Business Solutions provided 5P Group with 6 months worth of training on both MYOB EXO Business and Ostendo. There are still team members continuing with training.

“Most of our training was over the phone. However, when we went live, ABC came down to us for a week.”Jennifer Porter is now able to manage her business remotely, and spent a month this year working on the other side of the world.

“It is great. It is one of the bonuses of working with the system. I have accounting data at my fingertips and I love it. It is a big difference.” ABC Business Solutions also spent time customising reports for 5P Group. The customised reports included a Cash Flow Report, which shows us how much is owing at anytime. It also included a Trading Statement which includes profit and loss, current year, year to date and breaks down the business by sub sections. Jennifer is also able to see the budgets.

Future Directions

“We have only had experience with one other consulting firm, what I can say is different with ABC Business Solutions is that the level of support from ABC Business Solutions is good.”

“ABC Business Solutions will continue to work with us as Management Accountants. I am really happy with that. There is a partnership there.” In regards to ABC Business Solutions assisting 5P Group with moving forward, there are some areas in their IT and cash flow that needs improvement, and ABC Business Solutions are bringing that together. “For example, we have a large excel spread sheet for quoting that is very labour intensive. We are looking at having this automated next year.”


“We are continuing to work with ABC Business Solutions to continue improvement, and taking out all of the labour intensive areas. I am looking forward to working with ABC Business Solutions in the next year.” Jennifer Porter, Business Owner and Director, 5P Group



Springvale, Victoria, Australia

Active Learning Childcare started in 1993 as an education and care center for young children. Based in Springvale, Victoria, Active Learning Childcare now has two centers that offer care during and out of school hours.


After the company started trade in 1993, renovations were performed within the company in 1995-96. Margaret Menzies remembers the time when she saw the gap in the market: “Children grow up and then they need a facility for during the school holidays.” The company hired out the school hall during 1997-98, when their funding finally came through. In 2009, they opened in Balmoral.

They have safely developed into different markets, from childcare to afterschool/school vacation care. The company has evolved with the new markets and Margaret realised they could not continue to use a manual system for their Payroll. “Our payroll was far too big now with Balmoral. We had special requirements and Super etc. that staff had to be paid, as well as the Payroll taxes. It was just too big to handle. Mistakes were very easy to be made.”

Future Directions

Active Learning Childcare has future plans for their Balmoral centre, but is also happy to continue on with their business processes for now, and is keeping ABC Business Solutions on hand if they need support. “We aren’t using the Personnel HR side of Wage Easy as yet, but we are planning on setting up that module on in the near future. We have ongoing support with ABC Business Solutions.”

“We know that if we make a mistake on a payslip, we can call ABC Business Solutions for help.”

“ABC Business Solutions will be first call if we ever need another software package.” “ABC are tremendous- very helpful and patient.” Margaret Menzies, Accounts Manager, Active Learning Childcare

Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and Wage Easy HR & Payroll

“We heard about ABC Business Solutions and Wage Easy through my niece and chose ABC Business Solutions on recommendation.” ABC Business Solutions set up Wage Easy for Active Learning Childcare. The set up between ABC Business Solutions and Active Learning Childcare was all done remotely. “The initial set up with ABC Business Solutions was good. ABC worked with myself, my niece and our admin lady (Vicki). They assisted us with correctly setting up our time sheets, structure, information for/on staff and the superannuation.”

“The remote training was great. It really opened my eyes. ABC Business Solutions operates from Queensland, they were great, nothing was too much trouble. ABC Business Solutions were also very flexible with hours. We had 42 staff, so we needed flexibility.”

As well as running the set up of Wage Easy for Active Learning, ABC Business Solutions provided training and support to the company. “It was good training with ABC Business Solutions. ABC gave us 2 or 3 sessions initially, plus homework for in between the training sessions. It was important to get it right and ready for the new Financial Year. We also had to work around staff on leave.”

ABC Business Solutions assisted Margaret with setting up all of the different award rates for her staff: “We also have frequent wage rate changes that we need to keep up with. If we have any queries we are able to ask ABC. They provide ongoing support.”

Margaret has noticed changes in the business processes and roles with their new Payroll software solution: “Instead of relying on people, I can now do the Payroll myself within seconds.”


“ABC does the End of Financial Year for us and the tax tables are done in a short period of time now. I know it is right and there is no need to double check.”

“Last month we had staff that did a First Aid Course. And it was so quick to update in Wage Easy and put on the staff payslips.”

“When we have to sort sick leave, there are no manual calculations any more.”

“Wage Easy is all Fair Work Australia compliant as well. Everything is built in. I don’t use computers all the time, but Wage Easy has now given me control over the business. Admin can concentrate on admin, and I can do the wages.”

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