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Waroona, Western Australia


Schlam Welding was established 15 years ago by  a fabrication/boilermaker with an already small number of clientele. On the 1st of October, 2010 Schlam Welding introduced a new entity into their company, Schlam Engineering.

The company depicts itself as a medium size engineering  and maintenance company specialising in Heavy fabrication, CNC machining and earthmoving equipment maintenance. Their Head Office and Warehouse is located in Waroona, Western Australia.


The company has had a successful and rapid expansion in the last three years. Schlam have consolidated the growth in the last year and have developed their growth strategy to guide the business through the next stage of development.

Throughout the recent rapid growth expansion, they have made planned changes to refine processes and made changes to formalise their company. Schlam plan to grow and move forward, aligning their business practices with ISO 9001 Accreditation requirements. Since planning new changes, Schlam are also developing new objectives to create a bigger sales target & improve their budgeting and reporting processes.

Schlam Engineering installed MYOB EXO Business for the company approximately 4 years ago. Before MYOB EXO Business, Financial Officer Robert Hassall, remembered the company doing most of their job costing on paper. “We needed something more automated and as our company was growing, we needed something more professional. We installed MYOB EXO Business just before our company started to grow, and we were lucky we had it – as it helped during our rapid growth.”


Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and MYOB EXO Business

After realising they needed more support with the MYOB EXO Business software, Robert Hassall enrolled in ABC Business Solutions 3 day MYOB EXO Headstart Course, where he met ABC Business Solutions Director, Carol Roberts. “The advantage that ABC had as a software partner was that they were Management Accountants specialising in managerial work. They also had a good number of staff members available for support with qualifications that were relevant.”

“We are not in the same town, a lot of the tasks are done over the phone or via remote connection, but they are easy to connect with and have good communication over email.”

“ABC are also a professional and knowledgeable business. The questions I have asked them in the past they have either known the answer to or get back to me with the answer.” Since installing MYOB EXO Business and partnering with ABC Business Solutions, Schlam Engineering have developed different processes and Robert Hassall has been able to take on MYOB EXO Business himself and has capably proceed to the next step each time.

They are now using MYOB EXO Business to manage sale targets, budgets, financial reports, branch KPI’s and stock control. This is integral to achieving their business objectives. “24 months ago our stock control was poor, until ABC came along.”

“ABC understands how our business operates and MYOB EXO Business has been tailored to suit our business needs. We also made changes to our Terminal Server which ABC worked on with our IT Consultants. They communicated together to decide on the best fit for our company.”

5 Year Plan

Schlam Engineering plan to expand in the following ways over the next 5 years:– Grow satellite sites

  • Have more work sites down south and in the Pilbara

  • Open a new warehouse in Perth

  • Increase their sales

  • Maintain their ISO 9001 Accreditation

  • Expand their clientele


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

SPIE CAPAG is a worldwide company, specializing in pipeline construction, as well as the operation and maintenance of pipelines. The company started in 1994, and opened an entity in Australia to formally start a major project for the coming years. Their head office is based in France, and has several branch offices around the world. In Australia, their office is based in the Brisbane CBD.


When the project started in Australia, SPIE CAPAG had no office or staff. They grew their Australian entity from scratch, and the changes made to build and improve the entity were all planned accordingly. The project is now set to finish in 18 months.

Starting from scratch, SPIE CAPAG had to implement a system for their accounting and payroll. “Our manager liked MYOB and its’ ease of use. So we contacted Carol Roberts to discuss MYOB EXO Business.” Debra Rothery, system accounts manager. “Wage Easy HR and Payroll was then recommended to us by Carol and ABC Business Solutions.”

Future Directions

“We started the entity with nothing. Now our business processes and roles are developing the more we use the software. With the more we are used to it, we are able to utilise it a lot more.” ABC Business Solutions still provides Debra and SPIE CAPAG with ongoing support for the project. “ABC Business Solutions also handles all of our annual license renewals for the software.”

“If we ever have issues or Wage Easy queries, we can always email ABC.”

“We still use ABC in MYOB EXO Business, when we need to roll our Assets program over.” Debra Rothery, Systems Account Manager, SPIE CAPAG Australia


Partnering with ABC Business Solutions and MYOB EXO Business and Wage Easy HR & Payroll

“ABC Business Solutions set up our Wage Easy and MYOB EXO Business from scratch. It was very good, we had certain refinements that we needed, and had our own reports written.”

“ABC Business Solutions also set up our employees on the 457 Visa’s. This had to be in a different format in Wage Easy, as they were 3 part salary with allowances, so they were all set up under allowances instead. They also had a different type of leave.” ABC Business Solutions also assisted Debra and her staff to set up multiple Foreign Currencies in MYOB EXO Business: “ABC was our point of contact at ABC Business Solutions. She set up the Foreign Currencies for us in EXO and she was good. We had to have a lot of scripts written and reports re-formatted.”

“ABC Business Solutions customised all of our reports. We had French Reports, GL and Chart of Accounts customised.” After the initial install of the software, SPIE CAPAG also received training sessions from ABC Business Solutions. “We had two onsite visits from ABC. We had a very heavy reliance on ABC with the new system.”

“Kerry Cameron assisted us with our Wage Easy training. We also had additional training from ABC Business Solutions. This included phone calls, emails and remote connections. The remote connections are really good.” ABC developed a link for SPIE CAPAG so they would be able to pass information between MYOB EXO Business and Wage Easy, “We use this link frequently to export our data.”

SPIE CAPAG has a very heavy accounting reliance in MYOB EXO Business, as well as the reporting and GL. The general ledger set up and reports had to satisfy cost accounting reporting, foreign currency reports by currency, and various financial reports given the French and Australia statutory requirements. Fixed Assets are also integrated and reported through the general ledger. “ABC still assists us with MYOB EXO Business and we are now on track with training. We do have the odd report tweaking and figure balancing.”

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