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All-in-One Job Management Software

Instant Quotes

Send beautifully designed custom quotes within minutes with your company branding.

Customers like to have an accurate idea of what a job will cost. With Quotes, you can

send reliable estimates that are completely customizable.

Flexible Time Tracking

Simple, flexible and powerful time management software that requires the least effort from

your staff.

Sick of manually inputting timesheet info? Now, employees take control of their own timesheets, and WorkflowMax does the rest.


Easy Job Management 


Assign jobs, track timelines, and receive notifications when projects are running late.


You don’t have to be a detective to figure out what’s going on with a job. If you want to know the who, what, when, how and why, you can see it at a glance from the Job Management Screen.


Streamlined Invoicing

Invoice based on hourly or flat rate, brand your invoices, and save time with bulk invoicing.

With WorkflowMax, you control every aspect of your invoice, from how it looks through to what information gets displayed. 

Actionable Reporting

What was the profit margin on each job? Who was the biggest customer in the last quarter?

Your data, your way

If it’s about your business and you want to know the answer, you can generate a report and … voila!

Simple process, powerful results

It only takes a few clicks to have whatever information you want about your business right in front of you.

Profitable customers

See which customers generate the most income, so you can send them a Christmas ham.

You can build it

With the powerful report builder, you can create your own custom reports and slice and dice your data however you like.


Xero Owned & Integrated


Sales invoices and purchase orders can be pushed seamlessly into Xero.


With Xero and WorkflowMax working together, your business has never been in better hands.

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