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ABC Business Solutions is an accredited dealership partner for Wage Easy Payroll and HR Management software. Our Wage Easy consultants have many years experience in implementing and training in payroll software and are registered BAS Agents. Leading our Wage Easy team is a CPA qualified Accountant. If your business needs a payroll and HR solution the best people to do the planning, installation, setup and training are those who are qualified and experienced.


Our consultants will work through your requirements and determine the appropriate set up and customise the training to suit your needs. We can help you to define your cost centre/department structure, set up AWA’s, EBA’s, awards and pay rate information, set up the more complex functions like remote timesheet software, and provide a comprehensive ‘walk through’ using your data so you can see how it’s going to work for you.

So when can you start using WageEasy Payroll and HR Software?


If you are concerned that a new payroll system can only be implemented for the beginning of a new financial year – don’t be. We can transfer your data at any time of the year. Once the set up is complete we will run a parallel pay run with your previous software to ensure the end results are correct before going live.

We are also experienced at implementing WageEasy for clients remotely.

When its time for an upgrade or you need to add extra staff or any question relating to your regular payroll cycle – just call our Wage Easy team we are here to help and support this important business function.

WageEasy has an automated link to MYOB Exo Business.


WageEasy Payroll is an integrated payroll and human resources software system with many features including:

  • Unique Award Interpretation Feature which enables accurate calculation of overtime payments and leave with minimum time and hassle.

  • The conditions of employment such as Hourly Rate, Overtime, Penalty rates, Tax and Superannuation only need to be entered once.

  • Wage Easy’s intuitive features help you comply with legislative, business and award requirements.

  • Its in-built security functions ensure adherence to organisational policies from headquarters through to the most remote office branch.

  • Include digital photos of your employees in personnel files, along with copies of certificates, qualifications, licences and relevant correspondence.

  • Link an employee’s file to other relevant documents on your system such as contracts, agreements, appraisals and disciplinary documents.

  • Comprehensive OH&S, training and learning and development documentation recording capability.

  • Remote Time Sheet Functionality – allow your remote workers to enter timesheets without access to sensitive information, transfer this data into your payroll system and import all the information ready for automatic processing. Immediate Access to the Latest Award Information via the Internet

  • Timely and accurate Reports

  • Detailed employee records

  • Detailed HR Reports

  • Automatically process payroll for salaried employees

  • Automate EFT transfers to banks, super funds, the ATO, child support and other deductions or salary packaging items

  • Receive professional training and help desk support

  • Comprehensive security protection

  • General Ledger integration

  • Employee Services Portal (ESP) that allows employees to access their own details, enter leave applications and print pay slips on your intranet, with ability to restrict access for managers to their own staff.

Advantages of Wage Easy Payroll and HR

  • Wage Easy Payroll can be used with any size business- from one person to a nation wide company with over a thousand employees- from one day a week to 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

  • Wage Easy Payroll automatically generates the pay slips for all employees. It can also automatically process salaried staff. The ability to automate the payroll is a real time saver for payroll staff.

  • Wage Easy Payroll has comprehensive and integrated human resource management facilities. These are designed to allow for fully computerised employee administration.

  • It is simple to use, flexible to meet your business’ needs today and well into the future.

  • By allowing a detailed view of your individual payroll costs, Wage Easy Payroll and HR gives you a clear understanding of what’s driving one of your businesses most significant costs, with the ability to drill down to the details behind every transaction. Wage Easy Payroll and HR will give you a true business management view of your businesses employment costs.


Q: What types of businesses will benefit from Wage Easy?
A: Any type of business from small, medium to large will suit Wage Easy and receive the maximum advantages.


Q: Why will our business benefit from using Wage Easy?
A: Your business will benefit from using Wage Easy as once the Award Interpretation is set up, Wage Easy automatically calculates your employee’s wages and generates pay slips, excluding all manual calculations.

Your business will also benefit from the accuracy of data produced from Wage Easy, the comprehensive reporting tools that are available for your use and the automated tools that allow instant EFT Transfers to banks, super funds, child support, the ATO etc.

Wage Easy also has a web portal, which allows employees to access and manage their pay slips, leave applications and time sheets.

Wage Easy also has an integrated Payroll & HR System, so you do not need to purchase two separate systems. Wage Easy has a comprehensive HR System that allows you to record workplace health & safety information, license information, record disciplinary actions, leave applications and any information that needs to comply with legislative, business and award requirements.

It also includes an integrated calendar, performance reviews and produces visual reports of where staff live via maps. It is also a flexible HR software that will allow you to record unique business information.

Q: Is the software simple & easy to use?
A: Yes, WageEasy is very simple & easy to use. Wage Easy is a user friendly windows based software. It has a easy user friendly interface that makes it very straightforward to use.

Q: Can we integrate Wage Easy to other software?
A: Yes, Wage Easy can be integrated with most accounting packages, including MYOB EXO Business.

Q: How does Wage Easy make payroll easy for our business?
A: Once Wage Easy is set up for you correctly, it reduces the time spent processing your companies payroll. The automation feature in Wage Easy allows the program to process the payroll for you – instead of it being done manually.

Q: How many employee’s can I have on the system?
A: Wage Easy allows you to have as many employee’s on your system as your like no matter if it is 1 or 1000!

Q: What support do I receive with the system?
A: Our ABC Consultants provide you with all the support you need. We have a number of qualified Wage Easy consultants that can provide you with assistance, and if we are unable to help, we are able to go directly to Wage Easy Technical Support. Wage Easy Technical Support is only available through Wage Easy Partners and offers comprehensive assistance and advice.

Q: Is Wage Easy safe and secure to use?
A: Yes, Wage Easy is safe and secure to use. The Wage Easy database is protected and users are not able to gain access to it. There is also individual user security in the software as well, which restricts people being able to see private information.

Q: How will Wage Easy save me money?
A: Wage Easy will save you and your business money by reducing the time spent on HR & Payroll tasks, due to its’ automated features.

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