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ABC Business Solutions can help you to gain control of your business systems through assistance with strategic management, systems and management accounting and business workflow.


At ABC Business Solutions, we understand the challenges you face in business. Our approach is practical, and down-to-earth. We come to you, to gain an overall understanding of your business, so that we find the best system that will suit your needs.

Everything we do aims to give you greater insight into the dynamics of your business, so you can make better decisions, improve your business performance and lay the foundations for future success and increased value.

Going Over Data

   ERP Accounting Software Solutions 


Your business won't go live until you are 100% happy with your systems.


We employ up-to-date knowledge on a range of software systems designed to suit your individual business needs. We get to know your current business and talk to you about your future plans for the direction of your business to decide which software is best to employ for you. We can personalise a software system just for your business.

Our areas of expertise include: Ostendo, Ostendo Mobile Freeway, Xero, Exo Business, MoneyWorks, Cin7, Unleased Software, Deputy, WorkFlowMax and WageEasy.


We provide customised corporate or business training days in Ostendo, Ostendo Freeway Mobility Solutions, EXO MYOB, WageEasy, MoneyWorks, Xero, Deputy and WorkFlowMax to maximise your knowledge of your system. We provide professional courses, up-to-date knowledge on your personalised system. 

Contact us today to learn more about how ABC Business Solutions can maximise your business potential!

financial modelling

Financial Modelling

Financial models are used to forecast the performance of an organisation, project, or any other form of financial investment. They model the relationship between various inputs and scenarios.


Risk Management


If you can anticipate risks to your business before they happen, then you can manage your business more effectively to minimise the impact of the risk on your business operation.

Computer Tutorials

Preparing Business for Sale


By preparing your business for sale with consideration to the potential target you can increase value by improving profit and reducing perceived risk.

Digital Work

Risk Management


ABC Business Solutions can help you manage your company's risks and maximise your company value and profit in the long run! We approach each project with a unique plan, which we tailor to your needs and company. Contact us today to find out more!

Upward Curve

Business Planning & Financial Strategy


A strategic plan helps to provide direction and focus to specific results that are to be achieved and establishes a course of action. A strategic plan also helps the various work units within an organisation to align themselves with common goals.

Stock Market Graph

Budgeting & Forecasting


Annual budgeting and monthly forecasting provides you a strong sense of where the organisation is going at all times throughout the year and provides insight into what issues may be ahead.


Software Customisation 


ABC business Solutions comprehensive knowledge of programming in Delphi, C#, C++, .NET, ASP.NET, VB, Java and PHP.


We have specific knowledge in these areas to allow complete customisation of your software, providing a personalised solution for your company.

ABC Business Solutions are experts in MYOB Exo, Clarity, MoneyWorks and Ostendo Development. We are able to set up software systems that integrate the best aspects of these systems. 


ABC Business Solutions aims to understand your goals and develops the right software to allow your business to achieve these goals. 

Contact us today to learn more about how ABC Business Solutions can maximise your business potential!


Profit Improvement


Improve Profit : Improve Value

ABC Business Solutions can develop a financial model to analyse your organisation for areas where you can maximise your business potential.

Large Screen

Business Systems Review


To make sure that your systems can properly support your growing and changing business, a business systems review help to identify underlying issues in your processes and reporting systems and find solutions on how they can be streamlined. 

Brainstorm to Success

Account Function Oversight


As the business grows and becomes more complex, even if you have the capability to effectively monitor your Financial Controller and Accountant in particular, is it taking you away from growing the business?

The Business Page

Due Diligence 


Vital part of buying a business, we can help you understand the company you are interested in and evaluate its value. ABC can help you value the business in the short term and long term. Contact us today to find out how.

Credit Assessment_2

Business Acquisition


Business acquisitions won't be a regular event, but they are a major event.  Make sure you know what you are buying and how it fits it with you current strategies through a thorough due diligence process. 


Cash Flow


Cash flow is the lifeblood to business survival. ABC Business Solutions is highly experienced at what can and should be done to effectively manage cash both in the short term and the long term.

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