How MYOB Exo Helps you to MYOB

The only way to grow your business, impress customers, and bring them back, again and again, is through quality and consistency. But just willing these things into being and burying your staff in memos isn’t going to cut it.

You need a full-service MYOB solution. Enter: MYOB Exo.

MYOB Exo gives you a bird’s eye view of your critical business processes from beginning to end. You’ll see how finance interacts with job costing, how fixed assets interact with customer management, and how reporting interacts with transactions. Pick any two points and MYOB Exo lets you view and manage the connection in real-time.

Let’s bring an end to the guesswork and micromanagement by accessing a full 360-degree view of your business process with active management tools at each point of articulation.


Finally, you really can MYOB, with MOB Exo.