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Welcome to June 17! Specials and prep for End of Financial Year

EXO and Ostendo licences for existing customers

For the month of June 17 – all licences will be 10% off for one extra licence (and 20% off for 2 or more extra licences), as long as they are ordered and paid prior to 30 June 17.  ** Not including the Annual Licence Fees**

Moving from MYOB Account Right to Xero

If ABC moves you from MYOB Account Right to Xero – during June 17 – you will receive$100 credit toward the consulting cost. (Must be booked and the file sent to Xero for conversion pre 30 June 17).

Purchasing a NEW Xero file (not converted from MYOB Account Right)

If you purchase a new Xero file during the month of June 17, from ABC, the monthly fees for the software will be at 50% for 3 months.  ** Not including consulting cost**

Consulting to assist with MYOB Account Right and Xero Payment Summaries

Please call the ABC office on 07 3207 2560, to book in for assistance with June 17 payment summaries. They need to be completed by 14 July. Unless specifically requested – support will be via remote Web Meeting – saving the cost of a consultant travelling to your office.

Assistance with setting up dual authentication on Xero – for additional security of the Xero file

It is recommended that dual authentication be set up on all Xero files i.e. when you enter your password – it sends a second authentication code to your mobile to be entered to Xero. If you need remote assistance to set this up – please call the office on 07 3207 2560, to book a consultant to remote connect.

Ostendo and EXO and Moneyworks end of year reconciliations

If you need assistance with reconciliations in either of these applications, prior to the June BAS being completed in July (or August if you have an extension), please book time (or times) with a consultant, well in advance, by ringing the ABC office on 07 3207 2560.

End of Year checklist ! What MUST be done

  • Reconcile and pay superannuation – and make sure the superannuation liabilities come to zero.
  • The wages on the payment summaries balances to the GL codes of wages or allowances on the profit and loss.
  • Make sure the GST and PAYG liabilities reconcile to each period of payment ( monthly or quarterly)
  • Stock take – quantity and correct average cost – write offs and write downs – plus the stock module must balance to the general ledger.
  • All bank recs up to current, including loan accounts, credit cards etc. (with ALL unpresented transactions accounted for). AND the balance in your accounting system MUST equal the running balance for 30 June on the online bank balance or paper balance.
  • Bad debts credited- debtors and creditors modules must balance to the general ledger.
  • ALL the following are to be reconciled:
    • Undeposited funds
    • Unapplied payments
    • Unapplied deposits
    • Purchases clearing
    • Purchase receipts not invoiced
    • Work in progress
    • Stock picked
    • Forex currency clearing accounts
    • On cost clearing
    • Historical balancing
    • Wages clearing
    • Payroll clearing
    • Deposits customers
    • Deposits suppliers
    • Prepaid stock
    • Prepayments
Happy EOFY!!!
Carol and the ABC team

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