Accounting and ERP Systems.
Accurate information = better business decisions.


ABC Business Solutions can help you to gain control of your business systems through assistance with strategic management, systems and management accounting and business workflow. Here at ABC Business Solutions, we understand the challenges you face in business. Our approach is practical, and down-to-earth. We come to you, to gain an overall understanding of your business, so that we find the best system that will suit your needs. We:

  • Assess with your Business Operational and Accounting Requirements.
  • Help with “role” definition with ‘new’ system.
  • Liaise with your accountant for end of period taxation.
  • Help set up Customised reporting and KPI reporting, custom .net screens and SQL programming.
  • Help in the interview process for new staff.
  • Analyse your equipment needs.
  • Train your staff and write manuals.
  • Help key personnel to understand taxation requirements within your business software and applications.
  • Custom Development to analize data and improve business productivity.
  • Finalise the year’s file and roll your system forward to the new year.
    …and anything else you need to make your business systems easier, quicker and less hassle.

The products that we provide services in are:

We can also provide assistance with the following:

  • Business Development and Business Bootcamp
  • Programming & Report Writing (Delphi, C#, C++, .NET, ASP.NET, VB, Java, PHP)
  • Xero Addons for Industry Specific Solutions
  • Customised corporate or business training days in Ostendo, Ostendo Freeway Mobility Solutions, EXO, WageEasy, MoneyWorks, Xero, Deputy or Workflowmax


Meet our team:

Scott Power
(BAS AGENT# 25805689)

Chartered Accountant
Ostendo Partner
EXO Business Partner
Xero Certified
MoneyWorks Certified
Project Manager