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MYOB Exo Business (Exonet)

Three questions to ask any ERP software Consulting company:

  • Can you provide 5 referrals we can ring?
  • Do you do full ‘discovery’ before you quote?
  • Are ‘ethical’ and ‘thorough’ two words your clients would use to describe your service and staff?

ABC Business Solutions review your full business needs from a Systems and Accounting view. We are able to repair EXO Accounting issues and provide EXO Systems and Management Accounting on a regular basis. Clarity reports, forms and table queries can be fully managed by ABC Business Solutions.

MYOB Exo Business (Exonet) is an ERP and Business Management Software Solution that suits both mid-sized and large multi-entity companies.

MYOB Exo Business (Exonet) features:

MYOB EXO Business (Exonet) contains many valuable features for you and your business. MYOB Exo Business (Exonet) is an integrated business management and accounting software system, consisting of modules that support:

  • MYOB EXO Finance
  • MYOB EXO Job costing
  • MYOB EXO Fixed Assets
  • MYOB EXO Customer Management
  • MYOB EXO Reporting

MYOB Exo Business (Exonet) perfectly suits businesses that require:

  • Large number of users across multiple locations
  • Stricter control over the general ledger
  • High visibility over multi branches
  • Department costing
  • KPI custom general ledger reporting
  • Consolidated board reporting
  • Inter-entity transactions
  • High volume of transactions

Advantages of MYOB Exo Business (Exonet)

It is simple to use, flexible and highly configurable to meet your business’ needs today and well into the future. It is scalable from a single user to hundreds of users – centralising information in your key business system. Of course you control access and can restrict who has access to what specific data.
By allowing a deeper view of your individual line processes, MYOB Exo Business (Exonet) gives you a clear understanding of what’s driving your business, with the ability to drill down to the details behind every transaction. MYOB Exo Business (Exonet) will give you a true business management view of your entire operation.

For more information on MYOB EXO Business please contact our office on 1300 533 361 and ask for Carol.

MYOB EXO Business (Exonet) Factsheets:

MYOB Exo (Exonet) Solutions MYOB Exo Accountant's Assistant MYOB Exo Intercompany MYOB Exo Fixed Assets
Fact Sheet
Fixed Assets

Exo Business, Res~Call and Care~Call for Aged Care Industry

Exo Business totally integrates with Netsoft Res~Call and Care~Call, a CRM and patient management software application designed for the Aged Care industry. ABC50plus can help you with setting up Aged Care Operational Software.


ResCall Aged Care Software Solutions CareCall Aged Care Software Solutions
Netsoft Res~Call™ Netsoft Care~Call™

Netsoft Res~Call™ and Care-Call™ have been designed especially for Rest Home / Retirement Village operators who require consistency and accuracy throughout the business – particularly across multiples sites.

Netsoft Res~Call™ takes care of the day to day running of the business such as:

  • booking in new clients
  • tracking room (bed) movements (residential aged care facilities)
  • recording medical notes such as diets and risks
  • tracking family meetings and all the features you ever need,

It also comes with a myriad of reports including:

  • occupancy
  • admissions and discharges
  • expiring reports (CSC, HUC etc)
  • KPIs
  • monthly room charges and
  • sundry billing

which can be integrated into financials for automated invoicing – plus more!

Res~Call™ also incorporates all the training and education requirements recently introduced to meet latest legislation.

Netsoft Res~Call™ provides a high level of flexibility by allowing customised setup data types (e.g. residence types, diet types, mood alteration types, agreement types etc) to ensure product fit into your business.

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