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Exo/Clarity Development

Exo Development

Within MYOB Exo Business there are several ways to customise the software to suit an organisation. MYOB Exo sits on a SQL Relational Database called Microsoft SQL Server. We can create the following to fit in with specific business requirements:

  • Custom screens – launched from within MYOB Exo Business e.g. Sales Orders, Job Orders, that allow capturing of specific business information or perform specific calculations e.g. Information Capture screen for a manufacturing client
  • Triggers & Stored procedures: these can be added to the database to pass or calculate information behind the scenes
  • Advanced Report Writing: reports, inquiries, pivots that require advanced SQL Development

Meet our team:

Leng Leng Ooi

.NET Developer

12 years experience in app development

Experienced with SQL

Degree in Information Management Systems

Degree in Computer Science